Compassion During Crisis is Magnified

Kindness Campaign

We’re dedicated to supporting parents who are navigating the challenges of having teens in crisis. Our mission is to provide a supportive community, valuable resources, and unwavering assistance to families in need. What sets us apart is that all our support, resources, and community are completely cost-free for parents who rely on us during these difficult times.

We understand the immense strain and uncertainty that can come with parenting a teen in crisis, and our goal is to alleviate some of that burden by offering a helping hand and a listening ear. Every donation we receive directly impacts our ability to continue providing these essential services to those who need them most.

If you’d like to be part of this journey and help us continue our vital work, please consider making a donation today. Your generosity truly matters and is deeply appreciated.

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We'd be honored to have you partner with us in our mission to strengthen families in our communities. Your support, whether big or small, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of parents and teens facing tough times. Together, we can spread kindness, compassion, and hope.

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The  Virtual Friendship Run was BIG for Pathways to Hope Network, and thanks to YOU, we have a reason to celebrate.

In complete transparency, starting this non-profit to serve families has been a journey that has required healing, vulnerability, and a ton of faith.

This event was as much about raising money to help families as it was to bravely step out in the community and fully commit to this cause. In both cases, this was a huge win.

Here are 3 ways YOU made an impact:

  1. You helped our organization raise net proceeds of nearly $3000.00.
  2. You helped spread the word about our organization by sharing and liking our posts and increased traffic to our site.
  3. You made a big statement to the population we serve that says“Your family matters. Your pain matters. You matter.” 

These words and actions mean so much to parents feeling like they are trying to get through their struggles in the shadows!

From all of our families…Thank you!

100 Thank You’s to our 100 Participants 💙
A Very Special Thank You To Our
1st Annual Friendship Run Sponsors 🙌

Please join me in continuing to support these amazing
locally-owned businesses who strive to do their very best for their customers and their community!

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