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You were never meant to go through this alone.
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You’re in the right place

If you are visiting this site then it’s likely you are going through a tough season. Having a teen in crisis can be terrifying. We know what it’s like to be on the other side of the computer screen, typing furiously and praying that somewhere in that big, world wide web there are answers. We hope you find those answers here.


We’re a community of parents who have walked a challenging road, one where our children’s choices led them to a place of crisis. The experience of having a child spiraling into crisis, failing school, battling addiction, or facing criminal charges brought with it a profound sense of shame, one that often left us feeling isolated and distant from the support of our family and friends.

Navigating this unfamiliar territory, we struggled with emotions like fear, anger, disbelief, and even depression. All the sudden communicating with them seemed like a foreign language we were struggling to comprehend. We understand that right now, you might be in the midst of a heartache, and we want you to know that we’re here to provide support.


We firmly believe that our life challenges have presented us with a unique calling: to EMPOWER, SUPPORT, and CONNECT with families navigating the complexities of having a teen who is struggling. Drawing from our own personal journeys, coupled with our understanding of the legal system, and our empathetic model of companionship, we are dedicated to guiding, advocating for, and empathizing with families like yours who are confronting similar challenges.

Our mission is clear:

Supporting parents in understanding and managing the challenges that come with parenting a teenager in crisis AND HELPING THEM FIND THEIR PATH TO HEALING.

We do this by providing unwavering support, sharing our insights, and fostering a strong, supportive community.

 What Drives Us

Why does it matter?

In the midst of this journey through the hard, one thing remains indisputably true:

Your child’s capacity to grow and learn from this experience significantly increases when they have a family that combines accountability with love and unwavering support.

To make this possible, your family requires time to heal, grieve, process, and learn. Unfortunately, many services in the community often focus on the child, while resources to support parents are in short supply. As a community, it’s our collective responsibility to bridge this gap, ensuring that no one bears the weight of shame, abandonment, or isolation.

So, take a deep breath, look around, and consider joining a community of individuals who are walking this very pathway beside you. You’re in the right place.

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