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You were never meant to go through this alone.
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You’re in the right place

If you are visiting this site then it’s likely you are going through a tough season. Having a child accused or charged with a crime and navigating through the juvenile justice system can be terrifying. We know what it’s like to be on the other side of the computer screen, typing furiously and praying that somewhere in that big, world wide web there are answers. We hope you find those answers here.


We are a group of parents who experienced heartbreak when our children’s choices landed them in the hands of law enforcement. Having a child suddenly labeled as an offender or juvenile delinquent resulted in shame that often kept us isolated from the support of our family and friends. We struggled with fear, anger, disbelief or depression while we tried to understand a legal system that may as well have been in another language. We get that, at this very moment,  you may be in the midst of trauma and we are here to help.


We believe that we are called to use the challenges we’ve faced to help EMPOWER, SUPPORT and CONNECT with families who are walking through the juvenile justice system. Our personal experience, combined with our knowledge of the court system and model of companionship allows us to mentor, advocate, and also honor the struggles your family is facing. Our mission is to provide hope and services to families with children in the criminal justice system by offering support, sharing knowledge and providing community.

What Drives Us

Why does it matter?

There are many uncertainties in this process but there is one indisputable fact.

Your child’s ability to grow and learn from this experience greatly improves when they have a family that is willing to balance accountability with the love and support.

For that to happen, your family needs time to heal but also needs to do its own grieving, processing and learning. In a criminal justice system often centered around the child, resources to help support parents are seldom available. As a community, it’s up to us to bridge that gap so that no one feels ashamed, abandoned or alone. 

So…take a deep breath! Look around and then join a community of people who are walking the pathway beside you. You’re in the right place.