This process will change you, but not in the way you imagine.

Today, you are stretched thin. You are challenged by every problem, scrutinizing it to find what piece is yours to fix. Where can you lend a hand? How can you help this train get back on track? You wonder if the right words at the right time could magically change the direction your child is heading.
Today, you feel the despair that comes from profoundly loving someone while watching them suffer the consequences of their actions. In the complexity of this moment, it’s so easy to lose hope.  The lie your mind begins to tell is that if you don’t hope or wish for something, you won’t feel disappointed. So, you keep the bar low.
You believe that if you stay on high alert and anticipate what happens next, you will somehow be prepared. You stay so focused on the present that it’s easy to forget the lessons you have learned from your past. Lessons there to remind you that your life has been a series of pivots and “Plan Bs.” In fact, it never lines up with your expectations. Life resists going according to plan. Despite this truth, YOU have managed to push through these challenging, ugly, and broken moments more than once, and through that process, you uncovered something beautiful in yourself. Resiliency.
Every story in our lives has two types of changes.
Changes created in trauma and changes created in healing.
The first you have no control over, the second you do.

Each problem we face reveals the path to its healing.

Today is about reminding you that on the other side of these sleepless nights is the woman who made her way through them.
On the other side of the mistakes you’ve made, and the things you wish you could do over is the mama, who learned lessons in grace and forgiveness.
On the other side of this pain and hurt is a parent who trusts her ability to face heartache and disappointment.
On the other side of this challenge is another version of you, and one day, she will look back on these times of uncertainty, and she will see that in the moments she was most unsure, she still managed to show up for her child and her family. She showed up for herself. And when she finally sees it, she will hold her head up high.
What if, right now, life is allowing you an opportunity to heal by thinking about the kind of mom you want to become in this season?
Who will she be?
What will she focus on?
Where will she draw her strength?
How will she show up for herself?
Stop wasting time thinking about all the areas you have no control over and start thinking about the story you will one day share with others. We can’t control our child’s actions, but we can choose how we’ll let them define us. How will this define you?

Your comeback story starts today.

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