Parents who are tested but consistently show up for their child. Parents that refuse to allow our children to view themselves only through the lens of the mistakes they made and the label given to them by a criminal justice system.

We will not permit our children to believe that they ARE their mistakes.

We are parents who learn to stand together. We pick each other up on the hard days. We remind each other about what this fight is for and the cost that is involved. We face our challenges with courage, and we learn that shame and isolation are driven out when we are brave enough to share the parts of us that are broken.

1.5 billion. That’s how many websites are out there today on the world wide web. 1.5 billion websites and YOU LANDED HERE.

Here you’ll receive support without expectation. You’ll feel the encouragement of a community who understands the emotional struggles of having a child who has been accused of a crime.  You’ll be able to process through fears of failure and uncertainty.  This is what you were searching for when you chose the words that you typed into your internet search engine.

Today, this journey turns a corner, and you take back some control. Control that comes from having choices. So, choose companionship over isolation. Choose compassion over shame. This program is here because you were not sentenced to walk through this alone.

Today, choose HOPE.

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