Hope transforms fear into confidence.

 Watching your child face criminal charges is not easy…

You were not meant to go through this alone.


The journey a parent faces when their teen has criminal allegations is a scary road. In the beginning stages, parents need additional resources to move through the process with confidence. Without the proper resources, parents are left feeling helpless, scared, and unsure of how to best support their child.


The highlight reel of social media never reveals our greatest struggles. Instead, it shows a steady stream of our proudest moments as parents. The problem is when a teen suddenly makes a decision a parent is not proud of, it feels as if you’re the only parent it has ever happened to.  That kind of shame keeps you from reaching out to others for support. 


A child in crisis can have a traumatic effect on the entire family. Common feelings experienced by people in trauma may include:

  • a high state of alert
  • anxiety
  • emotional sensitivity
  • fatigue 
  • detachment
  • protection of family members 

Our Mission

Providing hope and Healing to families with children in the Juvenile Judicial system by offering support, resources, and community.


In service to families who struggle with fear, isolation, and trauma, we are here to provide hope by offering the following resources:


Each path is different, but there’s strength in knowing that there are others who understand what you are going through. We are here in the tough moments. We are here to provide mentorship, strategies for processing difficult experiences, and tactics designed to help when you feel physically depleted and emotionally exhausted.  Subscribe for free today.


Our greatest mission is for you to know that you are not alone. We have learned that empathy and compassion are the most effective ways to drown out shame and isolation. Once you subscribe, you will be granted access to a brand new closed Facebook group where you can connect with others in a more private platform. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a virtual meeting with a mentor who understands what its like to have a child in crisis.


Healing and resiliency are born from trauma. When empowered with knowledge, you begin to get back control over your life.   Access answers to frequently asked questions regarding the local juvenile court process. Review links of local organizations that provide your family with helpful resources, and national organizations that offer support to families affected by the arrest or incarceration of a loved one. 


What’s the best way to get involved?


As a subscriber, you will receive monthly newsletters designed to encourage and educate you. While paying attention to the needs of our community and listening carefully to what matters most to you, we offer insight and tools designed to help give you the confidence you need to move through the hard days.


Subscribe today and get access to our Facebook group community.  A group that understands what it’s like to have a child going through the criminal justice system.  Take advantage of an opportunity to be part of a safe space where families come together to talk about their struggles, help answer questions and provide judgment-free encouragement. 


When we know better, we are capable of doing better. Take time to explore our, ever growing, Resources and FAQ pages. You will find that the more time you spend educating yourself, the more confident you will feel navigating your family through this process. We are committed to continually searching for resources, in various platforms, designed to educate and inform. Be sure to check these pages frequently for updates.